Secure Hosted Exchange


What can Hosted Exchange do for me?

Hosted Exchange is a step up from having a regular email account (PoP3, IMAP, etc) where it allows the Microsoft Outlook user to do the following:

Hosted Exchange removes the hassle of the setup, provisioning, and management of Microsoft Exchange by creating a complete managed service for small business IT administrators and end-users. The management interface is embedded with security enhancements that keep our customers' servers and networks safe and secure while at the same time making it easy to use and interact with.


  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage
  • Akamai Enabled Performance Optimization
  • Professional Spam and Virus Protection
  • Wireless Mobile Device Synchronization (Free for iPhone, Windows Mobile & Android phones)
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Archiving & Compliance (SAS 70 Certified)
  • Upgradable Add-On at any time with HomePageOnline's Professional Business Hosting

Have MS Outlook available on the Web

  • From any internet browser you can go to your Hosted Exchange Server and access your Outlook calendar, tasks, contacts, to do's etc. just as if you were sitting at your computer.

Have MS Outlook installed and syncronized in more than one computer

  • You can have MS Outlook on your desktop computer and on your laptop computer and even on your home computer if you like.
  • All MS Outlooks having your Hosted Exchange account will syncronize automatically, no need for 3rd party applications or special software to run

No need to purchase software or hardware

  • Exchange software is installed, configured, and managed on our servers and provided to you as a service
  • Hosted Exchange is managed for you, like having your IT Departnment, so you can focus on what is important for your business
  • Minimizes down time because you eliminate all problems you would normally have if you owned and operated locally
  • Latest Microsoft Outlook Software is provided for each user's computer.

Spam and Virus Controlexchange-portal

Spam and virus filters protect inbound and outbound messages, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email for every client. Security is not an option with AppRiver Exchange Hosting service.

Our embedded spam and virus protection service removes the risk of security problems that can result from just one client opting out of a voluntary email protection service. Hosted Exchange includes a proven email protection service, eliminating up to 99% of unwanted email at the gateway. SecureTide utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques and 4 virus scanning engines. For more details click here.

Hosted Exchange Minimum Requirements


  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later such as Vista, Windows 7
  • Installing Microsoft Outlook which is provided


  • Mac OS X or later
  • Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008


Syncronize your Smart Devices Wirelessly

Over the Air Mobile Device Synchronization

Mobile technology enables organizations of all sizes to compete in the marketplace by effectively managing their communication and collaboration between employees and customers. We offer wireless mobile device synchronization options providing our clients with instant access to email, contacts, tasks and shared calendars. Our fully integrated service offers true wireless service 24/7/365 without the need for manual syncronization via cradles, software (iTunes) or USB cables. Once the service is in place your smart device will syncronize all your data between Outlook and your phone/tablet automatically and wirelessly. Any changes you make on either will automatically appear on all the others. For more details click here.

Wirelessly syncronize your Smart Device ( Phone / Tablet / iPad )

  • Additions and changes made on any of your MS Outlook data will automatically sync over the air (OTA) to your phone
  • Syncs Email, Calendars & Contacts
  • Additions and changes made on one smart device will automatically syncronize to MS Outlook installed on your computers
  • No need for USB cables, cradles or manual syncronization via iTunes.
  • Works with ALL types of devices, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile. You won't be restricted to owning 1 type of device.


Unlimited Email Storage

Unlimited Mailbox Storage

One big advantage is the unlimited mailbox space companies receive. This way managers can quit monitoring account quotas and focus their energies on other aspects of maintaining a strong network system.

Unlimited mailbox storage means that clients of our Secure Exchange Service don't need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of increased email activity. This does not mean that using Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange will work with an infinitely large email box - there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before performance becomes unacceptable. It also doesn't mean that a mailbox can be defined as an "archive" - which would be impractical and inconsistent with archiving requirements.

Unlimited Mailbox Advantage for Administrators

Administrators have been forced to spend time managing and enforcing user quotas to make sure their company remains within its allotted storage space and get no end of the month "billing surprises". Not only does storage allotment increase management overhead for IT staff, but users often run into frustrating situations when they are forced to delete stored messages to make room for new email correspondence. The unlimited plan removes the time consuming task of quota management, enabling businesses to benefit from the collaboration and mobility offerings of Exchange without storage limitations.


Hosted Exchange Setup Process

30-day money back guarantee
with no long term contracts

30 Day Cancellation Policy

If after trying our service for 30 days you decide it is not for you, simply cancel the service for a full refund without further obligation - no questions asked. We are confident you'll be impressed with the service and wonder how you ever got along with out it. After the initial 30 days all we require is a 30 day notice

To purchase Secure Hosted Exchange you must host the domain with us. Click Here to begin the order process.

Ordering Secure Hosted Exchange

You will need the following information in order to place your Secure Hosted Exchange Order:

  • Domain that will be used (May be purchased at time of order)
  • How many users will be on Exchange
  • What type of Smart Phone's will the Exchange users be using?
    (iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile)
  • How many users will have email without Exchange.
Once you have this information click here to place your order.

Another Advantage to Hosting with HomePageOnline

When your domain is professionally hosted with HomePageOnline, Hosted Exchange may integrated at any time. No hardware or software is required by the end user in order to use the service. Microsoft Outlook is provided for free if you do not own the software and since it is all done "server side" it is completely transparent for the end user.

Please note: An eClassic hosting account is required in order to provide our clients with Secure Hosted Exchange.

Upgradable Hosting

Grow your services as
your business grows
No need to change hosts
or contract other vendors

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