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Why RealTime Backup Software?RealTime Backup

Ease of Use

It is hard to emphasize how important a user friendly interface is. Considering the fact that performing backups is not the most pleasant of tasks users MUST do, the easier it is to do it, the better the results. Not to mention the fact that the typical user needing to restore a file that was accidentaly deleted will NOT need the assistance of the IT department, makes it a tool the end user will like.

  • Intuitive user friendly User Interface supports 1-Click Selections for common backup tasks
  • Pre-set selections; Easily backup files and folders you commonly use such as Outlook, Browser Favorites, My Documents Folder, Images, .etc..
  • Intuitive browser based User Interface remains the same in Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD. (Yes, this software is MAC compatible)
  • User interface remains the same across browsers IE, Firefox, Safari & Opera browsers
  • Easy end user restore capability. Users can restore their own files without help from the IT department


Flexible Backup Software

Your network environment is unique to you. The last thing you need is a 'backup service' that places demands for additional infrastructure and only supports a single operating system. Or for that matter, one that forces you to maintain your data at a different location. RealTime Backup supports several operating systems and is flexible enough to provide you with a customized choice of where you would like to store your data.

  • Designed for servers, laptops & desktops
  • Backs up SQL, Exchange and user data like My Docs, Outlook, etc
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OSX & FreeBSD
  • Backup and replicate your encrypted data to our servers, your servers, or even Amazon web services



You simply install an agent on each computer that you wish to protect, whether it’s a server, desktop, remote office, traveling laptop, or home computer. After the initial configuration, backups happen automatically.

  • Once configured, it runs automatically
  • Every conceivable scheduling option (including multiple full backups) available
  • Works quietly in the background with minimal CPU impact
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Make as many schedules as you want – each with its own rules.
  • Option to receive a notice if there is ever an issue with the scheduled backup



A backup solution that's easy to use, flexible and automated doesn't help much if it 'hogs' your computer's CPU or RAM while backing up. RealTime Backup service runs quietly in the background and periodically assures you that everything is under control.

  • Un-intrusive, user won't even know it's there
  • Low CPU consuption
  • Backs Up whether the user is logged in or not

Data Security for Your Eyes Only

Keeps your Data Secure


It's very important to ensure that the data is encrypted before it leaves your computers. Your data should only be seen by YOU or any authorized personnel you deem necessary to give access to. You should not be "forced" to disclose your data and/or private information to your IT personnel for backup purposes, much less your Off-Site service provider. If you are currently contracting with another sevice provider that allows for them to reset your password at any time in case you lost it, then your data is NOT secure. RealTime Backup supports a powerful military srength encryption algorithm.

  • Encrypt your backups with up to 448-bit military level encryption, industry standard Blowfish, and triple DES Encryption algorithms to protect data
  • Added security with secure communication between RealTime Backup server and client installations
  • All data is compressed and encrypted BEFORE it leaves your computer so even your most sensitive data backups may be managed by your IT department without giving them direct access to it
  • Users may restore their data directly themselves without the need of the IT department so your data remains for your eyes only
  • YOU control the access to the data by means of a password.
  • There is no need to access data to manage the backups

  • RealTime Backup comes with a robust security management features which includes the facility to encrypt and send backups to the RealTime Backup backup server. RealTime Backup supports the industry standard Blowfish and Triple DES encryption algorithms to secure your business data. In addition, RealTime Backup client and server installations communicate using a TCP/IP based secure connection which reduces the risk of your valuable data being stolen.

Fast & Reliable Intelligent Cutting Edge Technology

RealTime Backup performs smart incremental backups down to the "byte level". Once the initial backup has been completed any changes within your data are monitored down to the bit level. This means that a 10GB file, for example, that had a minor change of one paragraph would not have to be backed up in its entirety again. RealTime backup is smart enough to take the 200k in changes and transfer ONLY those changes that have occured. This makes for a far more efficient backup saving time & bandwidth.

  • Captures file differences down to the bit level
  • Backs up incrementally while still maintaining different file versions
  • For extra large backups it has the ability to take the 1st backup locally, and do incremental backups online thereafter if needed
  • Powerful optimal compression
  • Detailed graphical reporting

User Friendly Restore Process

A backup solution is only as good as its ability to restore data – after all that's what it is for in the first place. RealTime Backup can restore single files, multiple files, older versions of files as well as deleted files.

  • Restore Single Files
  • Restore Multiple Files at once or entire directories
  • Restore to the same or a different location
  • Restore deleted files
  • Restore older versions of files (Configurable Number of versions)


Clear Step by Step Instructions


Do you have large amounts of data to be backed up?
Have large amounts of data to be backed up?
Paying for Data Storage can get Expensive.
With RealTime Backup Software you have
the option of not paying for data storagE
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